1. Contemporary Pigment Hater

    Its sad that in this world today…that I am judged by not just who I am or what I haven’t yet said

    And weirdly enough it has nothing to do with my education or personality, but by a stereo type you’ve classed onto me and my family

    Its pretty fucked up that the entire Jena Six incident happened in the new millennium and not the millennium where a torch was just a flame on a stick

    Its pretty hypocritical when you list certain qualities people of a different pigment must have in order for you to say ..me and him, yeah we click..BULLSHIT!!!

    You don’t like me because I’m a different color skin than you,hey guess what asshole, in this world today there are no pure bred or pure blood races…yup! you’re mixed like me too

    Now what you gonna do stand in the mirror and make your racist comments at your self…..or fool yourself that you have more of one side than the other..that you took more from your mother side

    How am I feel that even though Rosa fought for me passively, people are afraid to sit next to me and doing it so passive aggressively that it just passes as aggressive as a blow aimed straight at me

    Can you believe parents still list race as a perfect quality of a spouse a  daughter must bring home…if not he would never set foot much less be introduced into that home.

    You tag someone as racist and they are soo quick to defend today, they tell you who me no, not me..is just them people does act a certain way

    Well I got some news for you since you being so technical in your racist ways,I would just pen you a contemporary pigment hater and wish you a very nice day.

                     Makesi “Kc” Boodram

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